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        Welcome to Mertex Canada

        Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Mertex Canada is an established and leading provider of premium quality piping, casing and tubular products for the oil & gas industry.

        Mertex can source and supply virtually every type of pipe the energy sector demands.

        Our Global Strength

        Mertex Products

        Mertex sources our products from top-notch mills to ensure you get the quality you need.

        Mertex Metals

        Mertex engages in the physical trading of commodities on a global basis, including sourcing metals throughout the world.

        Mertex Solutions

        Mertex goes the extra step with services designed to enhance the ease of transactions and to provide you with convenient solutions.

        Serco France

        Serco LogoSerco France provides quality connections for oil and gas well applications. With 15 years of experience in oilfield services, Serco is a trusted transformer of tubular goods.

        Serco operates out of a brand-new, fully automated and modern facility with strict attention to Quality and HSE policies.